Student Film Showcase

Film Showcase CFP

Event: September 18 2015 @ ODU

Title: Birth of an Answer Film Showcase Call for Proposals

Description of film festival: A century ago, D.W. Griffith and Thomas Dixon premiered their groundbreaking film, Birth of a Nation. The film was hailed as a masterpiece for its narrative storytelling and film aesthetics and, as a result, Birth of a Nation was the first “blockbuster.” The film revolutionized the movie industry. It was also deeply criticized for its highly racist and stereotypical portrayals of African Americans. Norfolk was the first southern city to premiere the film. There were some local protests and attempts to censor the film to no avail. The Birth of an Answer program will commemorate the film’s historical impact on the region. We would like to hear from the millennial generation. We want young filmmakers’ modern day responses to the social, political and racial issues depicted in Birth of a Nation. Themes that can be explored include: race, gender roles, violence, interracial relationships, power, justice, equality, social reform, censorship and history.

Selected films will be screened by filmmakers, producers, directors and industry insiders and exhibited at various locations in Hampton Roads,VA , such as The Attucks Theater, during the week of September 18, 2015.

The Student Film Showcase is open to full-time students enrolled in an accredited college or university. Students who have graduated in May 2015 are eligible to apply. A copy of student photo ID (front and back) is required along with a registration form.

Films should have a maximum running time of 10 minutes. Please make sure that your film has good picture and clear sound.

Films will be showcased at the ODU theater on Friday, September 18, from 12-3 pm.

Genres of film/video:

  • Documentary Short Film
  • Narrative Short Film
  • Animated Short Film

Deadline: July 10, 2015.

Submissions Guidelines:

  1. Students must submit a working HD link via Vimeo

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